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The Old Timer Tractor Rally, an event exhibiting the pre 1950 tractors, as early as 1904, farm working exhibits like the threshing, stationary engines, commercials, cars, motorcycles and auto jumble.

Pre 1950 only applies to the tractors, cars, commercials, Landrovers etc of vintage - classics welcome.

A great social event for all exhibitors with a passion for the veteran, lease lend, vintage years and a chance for the public to see these older vehicles, ask questions and be involved.


Ring of exhibits continually moving all day, watch the exhibits going through the procedure to start them and then move off around the ring.

Children's rides, catering, Old Time Tea Tent, bar, ice cream van.

Held at Mill Meadow, Ivingtonbury, Ivington, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0JH.

What3words location is

Public entry Saturday 10am - 5pm & Sunday 10am - 4pm

Entry is £8 and children under 12 free entry

Contact at

Edward Price   07812132295   Tractors and general enquiries

Chris Tranter    07974695412   Commercials, cars etc and general enquiries

Graham Partridge   07976319399   Stationary engines

Jack Price   07572621618   Everthing Marshall   



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